Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sky Castle Pictures

Here are a few pix, mainly of the sky castle and the addition of the tower and the cone on the top.
Click on any of the images to see it full size.
The tank, and the cone, you can see the boom here, you can also see the safety strap going around the tank,
PB attached himself to this strap so he couldn't fall off.

PB built the boom to get the cone on the top.

I don't know how PB comes up with this stuff...

Here you can see the scaffold PB put around the tank so he could work on it.

The nearly completed tower with an American flag
proudly flying above (thanks Glen!)

The sky castle with tower, the orange Chevy and my baby girl Pekoe in the foreground.

This goes under the room/deck above.

This is the north facing side, you can see the door/hatch opening in the can, this will essentially become a storage or outdoor closet for seasonal clothes and bedding.

This can is insulated so that it will not have a condensation issue on the inside.

The can is well attached to the roof of the room below, it will not blow off unless the whole room came apart. With the winds we had last night, and it's still standing, so I have complete faith in it.

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  1. we have new casement windows, and I am so disappointed that condensate form on them...way too often. I love them 'cause they are very easy to clean, but wish they were triple instead of just double glazed. hope your insulation turns the trick. sure wish I could insulate the outer walls of our home. *sigh*


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