Saturday, March 13, 2010


Here is some more Bobage, that's what we call it when Primitive Bob makes something out of nothing, sorta like  MacGyver meets Tim the tool man, without all the grunting.

PB made what he calls an "add a foot" shelf to the side of my oven, the top is made of stainless steel, he fabricated the hinges (on the stove side), and he made it so that it swings down out of the way when I'm not using it, when I do want to use it, all I have to do is flip it up and it automatically locks into place, when I'm done with it, I merely kick the stick holding it up and the shelf falls down, out of the way.

PB also made a spice rack/shelf combo for me, it is on the cabinet next to my stove, attached to the top and back of the cabinet. He inserted thick wires to keep the bottles from falling over or being knocked over. He also added a larger shelf on the top for whatever I want to put up there. He also put hooks and screws all over it so that I can hang various things on it. I must say, it looks quite nice, now my cabinet next to my stove is cleared off and I can actually use the top for prepping food and cooking.