Saturday, April 3, 2010

Solar Panel Bobage

More Bobage, this time on the solar panels. The panels are on a frame that pivots to track the sun. We used to have to climb up on the roof 2-3 times a day to move the panels. PB took 2 pieces of flexible conduit, he tied them to the legs of the frame, the other ends of the conduit snake through the roof on the porch. He then ran a piece of rope through the conduit, each end is tied to the corners of the solar panel frame. The rope comes down through the roof, inside the conduit and is tied off on the porch. Now when we want to change the direction of the solar panels, we do not climb on the roof, we simply pull on the rope. We marked the rope to indicate where the panels are, when the blue marks line up, the panels are flat. It's very simple to do, it's very easy to pull.


  1. Hey! The Redneck Washing Machine!! That's very clever and functional. When you referenced it in a recent comment, I thought it was a different design. Tell B we said "nice legs!" Heh heh.

  2. Ha, good thing that you don't have to climb the room as often as you used to have :) That was a pretty clever idea..



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