Thursday, July 16, 2009

More Videos

I added more videos to the video list on the top of the page, just click play, if you have already seen the first few, click to video #8, 8-13 are the new ones.




  1. Beautiful scenery. I love it out west. We don't get the sunsets you do in East Texas.

    I'm gonna check out your blogs- looks awesome. How much electricity do you use? I'd be interested to see your set up. (I supposed you've blogged about it and I just need to search.) :)


  2. Thanks Jimmy, glad you enjoy my blogs. :) I don't know exactly how much power we use, it's not much though, especially when compared to traditional homes, we have a few CFL and LED lights, one laptop computer, one small radio, a 12 volt water pump, a small fan, these are the things we use everyday, we also have a few items that are used on occasion but not all the time, a small cube refrigerator, a few powered kitchen gadgets (blender, food processor, coffee grinder...), some power tools. That's about it, we live pretty lite.

    Go to my other blog, that's my main blog that I started when we first moved out here, it has lots of pix, some videos, and a good description of our setup.


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